Smile Saver Dental Plan


The figures are staggering!  Approximately ½ of the population DOES NOT have, or visit, a dentist on a regular basis.  There are many reasons people don’t seek regular dental care, but the most common reasons we hear – COST and NO INSURANCE.  This is a huge concern for Dr. Moore or Dr. Phillips and our team.  We care deeply about our patients!

The Smile Saver Dental Membership offers uninsured patients and patients who once thought dental care was too expensive, a wonderful option to put value and health back in their teeth!


The annual enrollment fee is only $495.

Included in the enrollment fee:

  • Patient’s initial exam, the initial set of x-rays & routine hygiene appointment* (valued at $438)
  • Patient’s exam & routine hygiene* appointment at your next 6-month appointment (valued at $209)
  • Additional diagnostic x-rays that might be needed for diagnostic purposes throughout the year, not including limited/emergency evaluation exam fee
  • Upon enrollment into the Smile Saver Dental Membership, patients will receive a 15% discount for ALL dental treatment, with the exception of Invisalign orthodontics.

*If you require Scaling & Root Planing (a deep cleaning), or nonsurgical periodontal therapy for gum disease, then please note: this procedure is not included in the enrollment fee.  However, this treatment is subject to the 15% discount.


  • For ALL dental treatment that you complete within 12 months of enrollment (not calendar year), you will receive a 15% discount, with no annual limits. This offer is not limited to therapeutic dental treatment needed, but applies to elective procedures as well (veneers, whitening, bite guards, and other cosmetic procedures).
  • For each additional immediate family member added to the Smile Saver Membership, the additional annual enrollment fee is only $475.


  • Enrollment fees are non-refundable once any treatment is performed. This includes initial exam, initial set of x-rays, and hygiene appointment.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to ensure they make their appointments within the 365-day benefit year of the Membership.
  • Your effective date is the day you enroll. The renewal date is 365 days from the enrollment date.
  • Both hygiene appointments must be performed before the end of the coverage date.
  • If the patient fails to show for their appointment or does not give at least 48 hours notice, the appointment is forfeited (losing that hygiene appointment), as this time is reserved especially for you.
  • This is a dental discount membership plan, NOT dental insurance. Therefore, it cannot be combined or used with dental insurance, special offers, or Care Credit.  This Membership is not valid at any other dental office.
  • Payment in full is due on the date of service for any work not covered by the Plan. If payment is not made on the day of treatment, the 15% discount is forfeited.
  • Patients have the option of automatically renewing the Smile Saver Dental Membership and enrollment fee annually with credit card on file.
  • Rates are subject to change annually.

**Enrollment fee subject to change