Advanced Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Moore specializes in treating complex aesthetic and functional dental problems through advanced restorative dentistry. Many smile problems are the result of combined functional problems that can lead to early tooth wear, fracture, tooth movement and ultimately tooth loss.

Dr. Moore uses the latest natural looking and tooth-like materials to recreate and repair teeth that have been lost or damaged through trauma, wear and tear or decay. Dr. Moore specializes in dental implants, dental crowns and composite bonding and employ the latest technology. Through countless hours of continuing education, Dr. Moore has mastered the latest techniques in treating complex and chronic problems associated with occlusion (bite) and TMJ.

You deserve a smile for which you can be proud. Restorative dentistry addresses both the functional problems and aesthetic goals of a patient. Dr. Moore gives cosmetic consideration to all restorative procedures to ensure the results will be as beautiful as they are healthy.